HQS-Y02 digital clock

The HQS-Y02 GPS central digital clock displaying the current time served in schools, facilities, logistics centers, factories, etc.. If necessary, controls may have recourse, for example. ring, signal, or other equipment operation. The clock synchronization of the HQS, the central unit of Y01. The clock can operate as a separate installation time HH: PPSS (date YY.HH DD, HH ° C temperature or optionally other information) or as a clock system central display unit. The quality of the display device has a built-in sensor that can measure the surrounding light intensity and automatically adjusts the display brightness based on.

Built-in GPS receiver connector, RS485 communication, and radio stations or radio connection.

Display: 6-Digit, 7 segment super-strong (4000 μC) red LED diodes and assembled. 
Viewing angle: 170 º. 
Visibility: 1m up to 130m. 
Clock accuracy: + / - 0s GPS receiver, + / - 1s per month without a GPS receiver. 
Operation: Time display, temperature display (optional), date display (optional), other information displayed (optional). 
A digit dimensions: HH: MM - height 118mm, width 70mm, SS - height 72mm, width 45mm. 
Power supply voltage: AC 230V/18.5V - 3.6A 
Consumption: min. 1.2V, max. 12VA (luminance depending on the display). 
Dimensions: Height 246mm, width 613mm, thickness: 51mm. 
Weight: 1.9 kg. 
Operating ambient temperature: -25 º C - 50 ° C 
Battery operation: 6V and 12V lines connected (optional). 
Construction: aluminum frame white (other colors also optional). 
Connections: 2x4 pole connector for RS485 connection or radio for 1x connector for radio (optional).

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